Call for Muralists: Batten Institute

SUBMISSION MATERIALS DUE JANUARY 31   The Batten Institute and the Charlottesville Mural Project seek a local/regional artists to design and execute a mural...   Read More

Face to Face: Portraits of our Vibrant City

THE BRIDGE PROGRESSIVE ARTS INITIATIVE is seeking artists interested in meaningful connection and social practice. Face To Face: Portraits of Our Vibrant City will...   Read More

smART Kids at The Bridge

The Bridge PAI opens our doors to the students of Clark Elementary and provide them the opportunity to connect with artists from our community,...   Read More

Collaborative Residency 2017

          D O M E S T I C   A L C H E M Y During the months...   Read More

Barracks Road Mural

Chicho Lorenzo was selected by a panel of local residents and arts advocates after reviewing proposals submitted by a wide selection of local and...   Read More

Open Mic

Easily one of the most diverse events in Charlottesville, Patricia (Patsy) Asuncion hosts a revolving lineup of seasoned performers and up-and-coming artists. Patsy, who...   Read More

Deep Listening

Paige Naylor leads the Deep Listening project at The Bridge. She is a local musician and teacher, in the band Sweet Tooth, and performs solo...   Read More

StoryStream: A Storylistening Experiment

StoryStream is an experiment in story-listening. A partnership with the University of Virginia, this project has students collecting and sharing the perspectives of diverse members of our...   Read More

Telemetry Music Series

This monthly music series occurs in partnership with the University of Virginia McIntire School of Music. Featuring students, locals, and renown experimental performers, we push boundaries...   Read More

Bent Theatre Improv

                                        Monthly, The Bridge hosts...   Read More