Transitory Encounters

Perspective: Daillen Culver on Transitory Encounters

Written by Daillen Culver, UVa Student Intern at The Bridge PAI For the past six months, environmental artist Benjamin Thorp has made the commute...   Read More

Community Discussion Led By Dr. Amy Howard and Sarad Davenport

All citizens of Charlottesville are invited to participate in a discussion about the role art and design can play in civic engagement, specifically around...   Read More

Residency Notes #1 – Transitory Encounters

– Written by Benjamin Thorp – Transitory Encounters is a series of actions designed to develop platforms and infrastructure necessary for public discourse involving...   Read More

Introducing Our Fall 2014 Public Artist: Benjamin Thorp

Benjamin Thorp is a Richmond based artist whose work creates unique, lasting, sensory experiences focused out into the urban landscape. He works primarily with sound...   Read More

Benjamin Thorp’s Residency

Benjamin Thorp has begun his Public Artist residency. He is currently working with kids from the Renaissance School and will soon begin working with...   Read More

Benjamin Thorp

Public Artist: Benjamin Thorp

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