Call For Muralists: Hydraulic Road

CALL FOR MURALISTS IS NOW CLOSED. Stay tuned for updates and progress!

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The Charlottesville Mural Project is seeking submissions from regional muralists in the design and creation of two thematically similar murals in Albemarle County. The mural will be located along Hydraulic Road and Georgetown Road, along the Westgate Apartment Community. This project is a partnership between The Charlottesville Mural Project, The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative, The County of Albemarle, the Virginia Department of Transportation, Albemarle High School and local residents.

Community Input: as developed and shared
Throughout the 2017-2018 school year, Albemarle High School 11th graders have discussed what they would like to see in a community mural. In addition, property owners have indicated their preferences for design. The theme of the wall is the unity of diverse people in the area who call this place “home” and the geographic beauty of this area.

Diverse People: Albemarle County is home to people from many diverse cultures. At Albemarle High School, there are students from 48 birth countries and 36 languages, yet these students and their families form a united community  who represent the motto of the United States: E Pluribus Unum.  Our diverse cultures make us a better community.
Geographic Beauty: Charlottesville and Albemarle County are known for the beauty of our landscape. The Blue Ridge Mountains that surround this area are visible from Hydraulic Road at Albemarle High School. The beauty of Charlottesville/Albemarle unites the experience of all those who live here.