Culture Lab

 Culture Lab cultivates fresh ideas.

You can’t grow if you don’t dare. By providing space, equipment, knowledge, infrastructure, and connection to a vibrant network of people, we equip doers with a low-risk opportunity to turn ideas into action.

Culture Lab engages the breadth of contemporary culture. It is dynamic and inclusive as it serves artists and thinkers who want to share knowledge, challenge one another, and engage in the progressive expression of diverse ideas. 

Whether you take on the role of participant or organizer, this is your opportunity to plug in, experiment, innovate, and shape the culture of central Virginia. Our Deep Listening Series, Telemetry Music Series, Open Mic Nights, Improv Comedy and all sorts of ongoing or one-off experiences all began in the spark of the mind of a forward thinking member of our community. We like to keep our minds and our doors open to whatever the next big idea may be. The baton is yours for the taking!

Take a look at some fantastic programs our Culture Lab has cultivated!

Telemetry Experimental Music

Open Mic Night

Bent Theatre

Big Blue Door

Tea House at The Bridge

Deep Listening