Face to Face: Portraits of our Vibrant City

Face To Face: Portraits of Our Vibrant City uses the intimate process of portraiture to connect artists and community members who have different life experiences. Part portraiture and part biography, Face to Face uses the strengths, experiences, and passions of vibrant individuals in our community to inform masterfully created portraits. Strongly in tune with our mission to bridge diverse communities through the arts, this project fosters interpersonal relationships among the people of our city. It initiates dialogue about equity, value, and perception. Prior to the portraits being gifted from the artists to the community members, portraits will be exhibited during the month of February.


Face To Face provides Charlottesville artists with the opportunity to serve fellow community members. It offers a unique opportunity for artists and subjects to meaningfully connect with each other.


  1. Facilitate connection between artists and community members.
  2. Commission artists to explore socially engaged art.
  3. Increase representation of vibrant diversity in Charlottesville and initiate dialogue about equity, value, and perception.
  4. Promote vibrancy and unity in our community.


  • The Bridge commissions Charlottesville area artists and will pair them with community members. Based on biographical info, some consideration will be made to pair artists with different life experiences.
  • From October through January, artists create a portrait informed by the personal experiences of the community member and the connection made.
  • The portraits may be in any still visual medium. When applying, the artist should explain how the process used will allow meaningful interaction and connection.
  • The Bridge holds a reception in February to celebrate the work, our city’s vibrancy, and the relationships formed. Artists and portrayed individuals will include biographical statements and comments on the process and result.
  • The Bridge will “tour” the exhibition, printing high resolution images and making the collection available on loan to government, nonprofit, and private institutions seeking to emphasize the unity and vibrancy of our community.
  • Artists will gift the portrait to the community member for whom it was painted.



  1. By pairing members of the Charlottesville community, Face To Face connects people who may not otherwise meet – highlighting the city’s vibrancy, diversity, and unity.
  2. Artists serve their Charlottesville neighbors by painting a portrait for them to keep.
  3. Face To Face results in a public exhibition showcasing portraits and including written and/or spoken accounts of the participants’ biographical info and experiences of the process.
  4. The Bridge will produce quality print reproductions of portraits for public display. Images and stories are published on the web.

To View the Call for Artists, Click Here!  Call for artists is closed.