Throughout the month of July and August, MapLab will be organizing a series of urban investigations throughout Charlottesville. Some will be highly planned. While others will be spur of the moment. Either way we hope you will join us in seeing the Charlottesville in new ways.

Should you have an idea for an event the Maplab should be apart of or that you would like to organize – please email us at

July 19th – Belmont Walk 5-6pm and Main Mall Exploration 6-8p
Starting at the Bridge, we will set off into the Belmont Neighborhood exploring and documenting what we see. Hopefully along the way we will get to talk with those that live in the neighborhood. After we will spend time at the Downtown Mall talking to people and inviting them to participate in the MapLab.

July 23th – Walk – Fifeville 7-8 pm
We will begin our walk at Tonsler Park, and then head west through the neighborhoods of Fifeville. Along the way we will be meeting and talk with those that live in the neighborhood.

July 31th – Aerial Photography Workshop 6-8pm
Building on our initial Balloon Mapping excursion, this will be a night were the community of has the opportunity to try aerial photography for themselves.  Either with a balloon or a kite, you will have the chance learn how this works first hand.

August 2nd – Food Trucks, Ice cream, and a Scavenger Hunt 6 – 9pm
Tonight will be an opportunity for you to enjoy some food, a bite of ice cream, and a community wide scavenger hunt at the Bridge.  We will be talking to various food carts owners about how they see the city and then setting off on a night to find things throughout the city.

August 3rd – Westhaven Community Day
We will join the residents of the Westhaven Community at their annual community day.

August 7th – Riverview Park Forage – 6-8pm
As a part of MapLab, we are very interested in exploring Charlottesville through our stomachs. Join us for a foraging walk through Riverview Park to find some delectable treats.

August 8th – Balloon Mapping of West Main 10 – 3
With the mass of development taking place along West Main, MapLab will be out with our balloon taking a snapshot of the area as it is today.

August 12th – Belmont Carlton Neighborhood Association 7pm @ Clark Elem
We will join the residents of the Belmont Carlton Neighborhood Association at their monthly meeting to get their thoughts on the neighborhood.

August 13th – Community Bike Visit – 7:30pm @ The Bridge PAI
Those a part of the Women’s Bike Night will be stopping by the Bridge to tell us how they see Charlottesville.

August 14th – Fry Springs Neighborhood Association 6pm @ Cherry Ave Christian Church
We will join the residents of the Fry Spring Neighborhood Association at their monthly meeting to get their thoughts on the neighborhood.

August 17th – Bike, Walk, Play JPA
In celebration of the neighborhood, MapLab will be out talking to those that live along the JPA. Keep an eye out for the balloon and we explore the area.

August 18th – Tactile Mapping 3-5pm @ The Bridge
When we think of mapping, charts and graphs hanging from a wall pop into our minds. But, what about those that have limited vision?  MapLab will have area authorities and residents talk to us about how you navigate a city when you have trouble seeing it.  This will result in the creation of a 3D tactile map.

August 24th – Walk – Railroad – 11am (Meet at the Railroad Crossing on 1st St. S)
For this walk we are going to explore the spaces that trains use to travel through the city.

August 28th – Film/Walk – Lost River and Candle Light Walk – 7:30pm @ The Bridge
As the culmination of MapLab efforts we will be showing the film Lost Rivers, which documents how our watersheds live underground.  After we will go on a candle light walk of an underground creek near the Bridge.