Parlor of Horrors


The Parlor of Horrors is local artist and collector Matthew Gatto’s tribute to the golden age of Hollywood horror films and other cinema monster classics. Initially conceived of as an unofficial makeshift mini-museum in a small room of Matthew’s home basement, this exhibit is a carefully curated collection of: vintage monster masks, life-size figures, movie posters & other ephemera focused on the all-familiar Universal Studios monsters, but also explores some of the modern classics, as well.

Matthew, a self-taught sculptor & mask-maker has added to his collection a number of original works inspired and influenced by the horror genre and the great mask-makers of the past and present. Through his own artistic process, Matthew highlights the skill and artistry present in the production of classic horror films, especially their titular characters. The Parlor of Horrors at the Bridge combines the work of an artist with the collection of a true fan and the result is an immersive experience evocative of the gothic world of a horror film set brought to life.


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