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BIKE HABITAT: Community Bikes + UVA Landscape Architecture Team

Charlottesville Community Bikes is working with graduate students from the UVA Landscape Architecture department to create a Bike Habitat to raise awareness about bicycling in Charlottesville. 
Community Bikes
Charlottesville Community Bikes || Community Bikes is a non-profit bicycle shop that works with Virginia Organizing (VO) to promote environmentally-sound transportation, recycle bicycles, and make cycling accessible in Charlottesville, VA.  Charlottesville Community Bikes is a program-based operation.  Programs include open shop time, bicycle maintenance and repair classes, kids’ bike rodeo, adult education, etc.  We take the four R’s (refuse, reduce, reuse, and recycle) seriously.  Noting that recycle is the last resort, we focus heavily on reuse.  We take bicycles and other materials that may be destine for the waste stream and get them to people who can use them.  We recycle all of our scrap metal.
UVA Landscape Architecture Students || Hannah Barefoot, Scott Shinton, Lucy McFadden, and Amanda Coen join Habitat City as graduate students in the Landscape Architecture program at UVA. With backgrounds in fine arts, journalism, political science and working for the National Park Service, who knows what we’ll invent.  Hannah, Scott, Lucy, and Amanda are excited to work together on a design-build project that raises awareness about biking and contributes to the Charlottesville community. This will be our first joint project out of studio and we hope there will be many more to come!

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