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BEEHABITAT: C’ville Foodscapes + Urban Agriculture Collective of Charlottesville

C’ville Foodscapes and Urban Agriculture Collective of Charlottesville are teaming up to create a Solitary Bee Habitat which will support pollination of plants throughout the city. 

Unlike colony-forming honey bees, most of our native bees are solitary. These brightly-colored pollinators nest in holes in soil and woody material. As populations of honey bees, butterflies, and other pollinators collapse, creating and protecting habitat for solitary bees becomes increasingly vital to the survival of food-producing gardens, farms, orchards, and meadows. One way to attract these important insects is to build a structure that can house several hundred families. Once a nesting site has been inhabited, these jewel-like garden friends will return year after year to keep our ecosystems buzzing.

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C’ville Foodscapes: Lauren Samay, Sarah Frazer, Ben Kessler. C’ville Foodscapes is a worker-owned edible landscaping cooperative dedicated to a building a just and resilient local food system. They work with folks of all backgrounds and experience to transform underutilized lawns into beautiful, abundant, low-maintenance edible oases throughout Charlottesville. They are designers, artists, four-season gardeners, teachers, caretakers, music-makers, and community organizers.

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The Urban Agriculture Collective (UACC) is a small, community-led non-profit that uses urban farming as a catalyst for social change. We bring Charlottesville, Virginia, residents together across racial, economic, and other social barriers to work side by side and learn from each other by collectively growing, harvesting, and sharing organic produce.


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