Jennifer Tidwell

“While You Wait”: Artists Tidwell, Lundwall, Thomas

While You Wait is an oasis for the public to stop and pay attention to a single breathtaking object or experience. At While You Wait, the Audience (that’s you) is present.  Starting in mid-March 2014, this zone of contemplation will be set up throughout Downtown and on West Main, and will also pop up in shopping centers, parks, and academical villages near you. FB page coming soon with locations and times. FREE.

Experience  “While You Wait” at these upcoming events:

Fri. April 11th, by the Free Speech Wall on the Downtown Mall 9-5
Sat. April 12th, in front of the Blue Moon Diner, 8 am – 3 pm
Sun. April 13th, the Bridge PAI from 3-6 pm
Fri. April 18th, 1-7 pm at PVCC’s Arts Building
Fri. April 25th, by the Free Speech Wall on the Downtown Mall 9-5


The design of the While You Wait structure is a collaboration between Jennifer Tidwell, Walter Lundwall, and Edward Thomas.

Jennifer Tidwell || Jennifer Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell is a collaborative artist, performer, playwright, impresario and construction worker. She is a cofounder of theater company PEP (Performers Exchange Project), CLAW (Charlottesville Lady Arm Wrestlers), CLAW USA (Collective of Lady Arm Wrestlers), and Assembly (a former artists salon at the Bridge PAI). Before the co-foundings, she performed frequently at Live Arts and with physical theater company Foolery. She studied theater at Northwestern University and English Literature at the University of Virginia. She is the mother of 9 year old daughter Harper and a terrorist kitten named Pickles.



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