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GREENHOUSE: Virginia Institute of Autism + Alloy Workshop

The Virginia Institute of Autism and Alloy Workshop will be creating a greenhouse for students of VIA to use as part of a new small-scale farming initiative at the school.


Virginia Institute of Autism: Matthew Osborne || The Virginia Institute of Autism provides a range of innovative, evidence-based services including day support, vocational training and clinical consultation services to adults with autism and related developmental disabilities.

 alloy logo 2013Alloy Workshop:  Michael DeMonaco + Kate Snider Tabony || Alloy Workshop is an architecture, construction, and graphic design studio based in Charlottesville, Virginia.  As the name suggests, Alloy unites elements of the design process: licensed architects, licensed contractors, and experienced graphic designers.  Alloy provides a unique combination: a company spanning the entire design spectrum. While focused on providing design-driven solutions we are anchored by a practical knowledge of construction and production.



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