HABITAT FOR ARTISTS: Piedmont Council for the Arts + Piedmont Housing Alliance

PCA’s Artists Roundtable and PHA are working together to create an Artist Habitat for Habitat City.


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Piedmont Council for the Arts: Artist Roundtable


Piedmont Housing Alliance || Piedmont Housing Alliance (PHA) is a regional non-profit organization with a mission to create housing and community development opportunities for very low to moderate income families and individuals, teach financial literacy and management, home buying and homeownership skills, and advocate for affordable housing policies and programs. PHA achieves its mission through educating, counseling, financing, and building:

• 750 families bought homes, with comprehensive housing counseling and access to low-cost financing.

• $6 million in down payment assistance and $41 million in low-interest mortgages made the dream of home ownership an affordable reality.

• 395 affordable rental units preserved, managed, or assisted.

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