smART KIDS at The Bridge is a versatile and scalable youth engagement program that uses art workshops to connect children with inspiring local artists; allowing children to actively engage with the creativity happening in their own community. Kids have unique opportunities to discover talents, interests, curiosities, problem solving and critical thinking skills in a comfortable and inspiring environment. With this program, The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative furthers our mission of Bridging Diverse Communities Through the Arts by facilitating intergenerational connection between students and teachers and designing great formational experiences for youth.

Our Objectives:

  • Offer ongoing art-making workshops for kids, instructed by diverse Charlottesville artists.
  • Allow artists to share their creative talents and instruct students in the creation of unique art projects. Each art instructor brings something new and fresh so students learn different critical thinking, creative exploration, and art-making techniques.
  • Give children the opportunity to make meaningful connections to artists who live and work in their own community.
  • Provide an inspiring space for kids to make art where students feel welcome to visit, engage and participate.
  • Serve the local arts community by providing a paid opportunity for artists to engage youth and further develop a social practice.

Radical Painting Techniques with Bolanle Adeboye


Shadow Storytelling with Marie Landragin


Collage Wheat Paste with Bolanle Adeboye


Abstract Sculpture with Chicho Lorenzo