1st Message in the Bottle: NO WAKE & the Public Artist Residency


Being a Public Artist means standing in public, usually pointing.


Sometimes we point with both arms


Jensplaining the whys and hows of the NO WAKE project onsite at the Ix

Dear Person,
If you’re reading this you got my message. I am here and you are there. For now anyway. I want to know about There.

Today marks the beginning of sharing the process of creating NO WAKE, the complex community-based performance project I will realize as the 2015/2016 Public Artist in Residence at the Bridge.

I’m extremely honored to be chosen as the Public Artist this year. The Public Artist program is a unique and unprecedented investment in the arts ecosystem of Charlottesville. The goal of the program is to provide the financial, logistical, and organizational support for a locally-based artist to make a significant work that impacts the community. When I was offered the residency, I was told I could do anything I wanted so long as it was (a) open to the public and (b) involving community.

I am excited to share with you the inspiration & vision for NO WAKE and the process of creating it with an A-team of collaborators. If you’ve ever wondered how art projects that are large and complex in scope are pulled off from both a logistical and creative perspective, watch this space and travel with us on the thousand-mile journey that is NO WAKE.

Write me back okay?