Collaborative Residency 2018

The 2018 Public Artist Collaborative Residency program provided an opportunity for 3 jury-selected local artists from the city of Charlottesville working with varied mediums to utilize our gallery as a pop-up studio space through the summer. Jum Jirapan, Karina Monroy, and Aidyn Mills developed their practice in cooperation with each other over the course of 3 months. This pioneering program emphasizes a strong collaborative element by placing artists in close proximity and supporting them in the development of a shared vision for outreach activity and a gallery exhibition. It caters to artists seeking a meaningful opportunity to expand their social practice. The Collaborative Residency furthers the development of the arts in Charlottesville by providing financial support, organizational support, publicity, and space to selected artists. It accomplishes all this while feeding the intrigue and interest of the community and putting a spotlight on creative collaboration.


Jum Jirapan

Aidyn Mills

Karina Monroy









Jum Jirapan is a Thai-American artist residing in Charlottesville, VA, since 2016. She approaches art as therapy, a way to express her understanding of love and life. Art helps her explore her inner and the unknown world with no sense of limitation in order to find and live her own truths. Jum is particularly fond of painting abstract forms and images using acrylic. This allows her to paint spontaneously without control from her conditioned mind resulting in surprisingly fresh and unique artworks. Jum also thrives in creative environment. Her curiosity motivates her to learn and collaborate with others in which she believes will create something greater than what she could materialize on her own.

Aidyn Mills is a compulsive creative collaborator. She uses people, places, ideas, art, any relevant element, to design innovative experiences for creative crossovers and exploration. Most recently with the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation, she used the arts to engage all kinds of community provocateurs to connect around important social and environmental issues. Now, she is using the female body as her artistic medium for facilitating new connections and creating new art. With the fundamental belief that “art” is an embodied and dynamic experience that is transformative and transformed, she explores how she can provoke new meanings and experiences of love, with the female body.

Karina A. Monroy was born and raised in Southern California. In 2016 she received her B.A. in art and anthropology from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Karina’s upbringing as a daughter of Mexican immigrants has led her to seek a life and career dedicated to the social justice and representation of Latinx communities. Her work has been a process of decolonization and rediscovery of her ethnic identity.  Karina’s primary research focuses on definitions and representations of womanhood within Chicano-Mexican culture. Karina is redirecting her artistic process to focus on collaborations between Latinx women through shared storytelling and learning exchanges. Karina has been able to collaborate with Latinx communities within Oxnard, California and Cholula, Puebla by means of her artwork, teaching, and dedicated research. Karina is new to Charlottesville and is currently working as Program Coordinator for Creciendo Juntos. She hopes that her creative skills and passion for social justice will bring change to Charlottesville. In addition to her community and artistic work, Karina takes joy in the little things in life like cooking, sewing, eating chocolate, drinking tea with her abuelita, and talking to her plantitas.

Windows: Collaborative Residency Exhibit 2018
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Collaborative Residents at Albemarle High School
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Collaborative Residents at Albemarle High School
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2018 Collaborative Residency is made possible in part by Bama Works.