A Big Thank You: 2018 Pride Month Success

Cville Pride gives it up for The Bridge, generous, gracious hosts and collaborators on the Redefining the Family Photo exhibit that took place in their space for Pride Month.

Thanks to everyone who donated amazing auction items and who came to help and enjoy the Midsummer’s Night Pride event!

We loved seeing old and new friends at the First Fridays opening.

Huge thanks for Guillermo Ubilla, who not only helped coordinate and create the photo collection – along with displaying gorgeous shots of his own – but who also led a youth workshop on creating zines and visually telling stories.

Guillermo Ubilla leading youth storytelling workshop
Guillermo Ubilla leading youth storytelling workshop.

Pride Month youth storytelling workshop at The Bridge

Also, a huge thanks to Sojourners Church, for hosting a screening and discussion of the movie Stonewall Uprising.

Of course, in Virginia, many Pride Festivals and other celebrations take place in September. Why? Because of the HEAT, of course! Though Shenandoah Valley Pride braves the sun in July.

Many thanks also to local press coverage from The Daily Progress.