Aerial Perkins-Goode: A June Bouquet for Cville

Aerial Perkins-Goode was born in Charlottesville and raised in Buckingham VA. Her photography has been published in “The Informant” a black owned newspaper in Farmville V.A. and in the Vinegar Hill Fall Issue 2017. Her exhibition ‘June Bouquet” with poet, Veronica Haunani Fitzhugh opens June 29th 2018.

The concept of June Bouquet was envisioned and created by my friend Veronica Fitzhugh. I am so honored and humbled that Veronica saw something unique in my photos. The goal through this collaboration, I believe, is to create a space where photography and prose can become a mechanism for self-reflecting and healing. I picked up photography three years ago as a hobby. I did not know anything about photography or about myself, so the journey became personal. Through the lens I have realized that perception, how you see the things around you, can be a life changer. My life has changed for the better.


Veronica already had the vision. My efforts to turn her vision into art was my goal. Making sure I had the right prints to display along with the prose was one of the more challenging aspects of the project. Also, I was worried that something would be wrong with the prints. Any photographer would be dismayed if something were to go wrong at the very last minute. Thankful setup went smoothly.

The one aspect that I love about this group of photos is that they were all taken (except for two) between West Main Street and Downtown Charlottesville. After the rallies in August I wanted to find the beauty that I believe C’ville has. Walking the Downtown mall post 8/12 was very daunting but with my camera in hand I was determine to “get the shot.”   There is one photo dedicated to the memory of Heather Heyer. I sincerely hope that everyone sees the beauty of this exhibition.