Announcing: 3 New Murals

Pictured Left to Right:
Jae Johnson (@skeevangogh), Ryan Trott (@ryanetrott), Sahara Clemons (@sgcoriginals)

The Charlottesville Mural Project (a program of The Bridge) is proud to announce Cville’s 3 newest murals. Jae Johnson’s mural My Future is inspiring students at Charlottesville Albemarle Technical Education Center (CATEC) while Ryan Trott and Sahara Clemons wrap up 2 new murals, titled Wall Peace and Say Her Name, respectively, on 10th street.

Photos of My Future, by Jae Johnson

Photos of Wall Peace, by Ryan Trott

Photos of Say Her Name, by Sahara Clemons

Sahara Clemons, A Charlottesville native and current student at Rhode Island School of Design shares; “My mother was my inspiration for the mural. She represents strength and perseverance to me. I wanted to do something that honored her and other black women. Black women are constantly struggling to be recognized and break barriers. I strive to represent those who are invisible and elevate their presence. She is lying down while holding the lightning bolt to suggest the juxtaposition between power and ease. I used to live in this area, a historically Black neighborhood, and I see that it is undergoing transition. I want to ensure that Black people are being represented in this evolving community.”

Ryan Trott looked to the neighboring community’s youth for inspiration. An elementary school art teacher by day, Trott connected with leadership at City of Promise for consultation on collecting input from children in the neighborhood and throughout parts of Charlottesville to design  a collage of playful illustrations that would be familiar and fun. He states; “My recent work focuses on figures interacting with objects in a lighthearted and often surreal way. For this project, I worked with students to develop new ideas for objects from their daily lives. Their drawings, notes and suggestions inform the design of the mural and create a connection to the community. Alongside my usual plants & coffee mugs are a basketball, iPhone, and pizza slice- creating a fun and interacting environment to explore.”

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