ART APART: A City Wide Gallery

Let’s fill our city with artwork! Adults, kids, home, & biz! Anyone can participate.

The idea is simple. 

  1. Make or find a piece of artwork.
  2. Display it in a window or on a porch so that it’s easily visible from a distance.
  3. Fill out a simple form to add your artwork to the digital ART APART map.
  4. Use the digital ART APART Map to find artwork on your next bike trip or walk (while following current CDC social distancing guidelines).

Click or scroll down to view the ART APART MAP.

Click to fill out a simple form to include your artwork.

The Covid-19 outbreak has us all beginning to feel a little disconnected from each other. In an effort to keep the creativity and connectivity alive during these strange times, The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative is teaming up with Charlottesville Safe Routes to School to introduce ART APART. Find a visible window or porch location to display a piece of art you’ve created or a piece from your personal collection. Once you’ve done this, just fill out our simple form so we can add you to the digital map. Use the map by yourself or with your family to see the beauty and creativity of your neighbors.

Some Tips:

  1. Always follow current CDC physical distancing guidelines.
  2. This is a great art activity to incorporate into school at home!
  3. Display something big! Make it easy to see. Folks should be able to see your artwork from the sidewalk.
  4. Share the news about this fun activity with other kids and adults! On social media, use #ArtApartCville and @TheBridgePAI
  5. Be respectful & courteous, and only use the map during daylight hours.
  6. Keep checking in with the ART APART MAP because more work will continue to be added.