Community Supported Art (CSA)



Our “Community Supported Art” (CSA) program that creates a new marketplace for local artists. Much like Food-based CSA’s from which the moniker comes, “Community Supported Art” offers an opportunity for a group of people to buy a “share” from a group of different artists.
Culminating every December.

Our local CSA program is modeled on Community Supported Art project created by Springboard for the Arts and in Minnesota.

How It Works

Selected artists create “shares” for the program. Each artist will create individual pieces. In return the artists will be provided with a stipend to cover their time and production of the work. Shareholders may choose to keep the works for themselves, or give them as holiday gifts to special friends and clients.

Those interested in becoming shareholders purchase a share and receive a “farm box” of locally produced artwork and an invitation to the Meet the CSA Artists event.

Benefits of the CSA Program

For Artists:

Support for the creation of new work.
Establish relationships with local collectors and patrons.
Participate in the launch of an exciting new model of art support and distribution

For CSA Members:

Receive multiple works from local emerging and mid-career artists at a fantastic value!
Develop relationships with the local artists and art community.
Discover new artists and explore a variety of disciplines.
Support local artist’s careers and a vibrant community.

 Past CSA Artists

Click HERE to meet previous CSA artists.