AUG 12 PHOTOS REQUESTED: Community Photo Exhibition

Citizens of Charlottesville,

A “metonym” is a a word, name, or expression that is used as a substitute for something else which it might be closely associated with. On August 12, Charlottesville became such a word. Everyday we hear television and online media outlets narrowly and mindlessly call to mind the events of the summer by simply labeling them with the name of our fair city. This sort of careless and reductive nomenclature does nothing to help a city heal, rebuild its community, or progress forward after such events.

It is in this spirit that artist and curator Jason Lappa is working with The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative to produce a photo exhibition in early of January 2018. We need your help. We are seeking photo submissions from everyone that attended any community event on August 12. This includes, but is not limited to counter-protesting at Emancipation Park and downtown, the school supply giveaway at Washington Park, church services, or any other organized events that promote community. We want to see all your photos from the day.

You do not have to be a professional photographer to submit. In fact we prefer that you are not a professional. We are looking for your cell phone images and amateur photographs; anybody that made pictures on that day.

With your help we can present these photos in a true community effort to provide perspective and visually demonstrate that Charlottesville is not a name to be substituted by hateful actions of white supremacist terrorists.


Please contact As soon as possible.