DAILY PROGRESS: Stressbusters: Start the new year learning to create synthesizer music

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Zoom-a-thon Membership Drive

Join us as we launch our membership program with an old-fashioned tele zoom-a-thon — complete with live MCs and a variety show for your...   Read More


Synths for Beginners

Adult & Youth Workshops for Beginners of All Ages Join composer & technologist, Alex Christie for a hands-on virtual Synthesizer workshop. Youth workshops series...   Read More


Daily Progress: Distinguished Dozen: Alan Goffinski helped people weather 2020 with art

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C-VILLE WEEKLY: Pick: Unforgettable Talent


CBS 19: Artist paints Kinfolk mural outside of McGuffey Art Center

FOR VIDEO AND STORY, CLICK HERE. CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) — An artist and poet is using her paintbrush to bring attention to unity...   Read More


Thanks for being a part of it.

It has become an eye-rolling cliche to talk about these unprecedented times, but we at The Bridge feel extraordinarily proud that 2020 has seen this organization...   Read More






Our Top 10 Favorite Murals of 2020

If you didn’t know… Among the myriad projects that find their home at The Bridge, The Charlottesville Mural Project is our ongoing effort to facilitate meaningful...   Read More