Brielle DuFlon’s “We Made You This”

The exhibition consists of nine hand-sewn assemblages on canvas, composed of found, discarded and lost human itms, which have been organized by color or value. DuFlon has spent the last year collecting trash from sidewalks, parking lots and nature trails within the City of Charlottesville, with the intent of organizing and composing it into these artworks. As described by DuFlon, “the title came from a McDonald’s apple pie carton–a segment of a phrase on the packaging, just “We Made You This”. It feels right and points to the fact that the pieces in the show were made out of the contributions of many people, as though I made it with the community, whether they wanted to participate or not! It also makes me think of the factories and corporations that made all of these targeted items and society that made us into people who need and buy these things, as well as discard them…”

The exhibition runs through November 23.

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