Bridge Builders

The creative force of The Bridge has always been the visionary people involved. The Bridge is our community laboratory for fresh ideas. You can’t grow if you don’t dare. Here, we take the time to spotlight some of the vibrant minds that pull us out of our comfort zones, challenge our imaginations, and create the vibrant experiences that allow Charlottesville to define itself!

2nd Message in the Bottle: What is NO WAKE, anyway?

Dear Person, I hope you got my last note. I’m going to stop hinting around and being all mysterious, and explain to you what...   Read More

Holiday Bonanza Artists in the Spotlight

The Bridge and Fleaville have teamed up to host the 2015 Arts & Crafts Holiday Bonanza, running December 5th – 19th from 1pm – 7pm...   Read More

1st Message in the Bottle: NO WAKE & the Public Artist Residency

Dear Person, If you’re reading this you got my message. I am here and you are there. For now anyway. I want to know...   Read More

HairSTYLE Invites You

CALLING ALL CHARLOTTESVILLE HAIR PROFESSIONALS! We are organizing a runway show and party that will focus on the art and creativity of hair design...   Read More

Youth of Color Matter

This past Thursday The Bridge’s staff attended The 5th Annual Youth-Nex Conference: “Youth of Color Matter Reducing Inequality Through Positive Youth Development”at the University...   Read More

The Art of Hair

Ralph Waldo Emerson – “Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.”    Throughout 2015 The Bridge has focused on finding...   Read More

2016 Public Artist Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell

The Bridge PAI, Charlottesville’s Creative Hub, is pleased to announce local performance and theatre artist Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell as the 2016 Public Artist. Each...   Read More

Program Statement

In 2006, on brief visit to Charlottesville, I was enjoying a subdued, sleepy downtown when I came across a flyer announcing a special performance that was to take...   Read More

Play The City: The Art of Finding Charlottesville’s Common Threads

In 2013, the City of Charlottesville led a visioning process for the Strategic Investment Area (SIA) to catalyze public and private transformation of 300...   Read More