Past Art Local CSA Artists

At The Bridge, we believe that supporting creativity in Charlottesville results in stronger social ties, deeper connection to Place, more vibrant community identity, and a better understanding of ourselves and each other. The Art Local CSA Community Supported Arts program allows us to spotlight local artists doing good work and provide art lovers an opportunity to get their hands on one-of-a-kind work by Cville’s best!


Ryan Trott

Ryan Trott is an artist, musician and art educator living in Charlottesville, Virginia. Holding a Master’s in Art Education from the City College of...   Read More


Michael Powell

Michael Powell grew up in Manassas, VA, tinkering with everything he could get his hands on.  While attending Christopher Newport University, he was awarded the...   Read More


Joy Meyer

Joy Meyer is a full-time visual artist. She recently graduated of University of Virginia, graduating with distinction and Phi Beta Kappa. She also has a BA in Art...   Read More


Warren Craghead

Warren Craghead III lives in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA with his wife and two daughters. He likes to make pictures and has exhibited his work...   Read More


Zoe Cohen

Zoe Cohen is an artist and filmmaker who grew up in the woods of North Carolina.  She holds a degree in Studio Art and...   Read More


Lily Erb

Lily Erb is an artist, nurturer and television enthusiast. Grass-fed and locally-raised here in Charlottesville, she flew north to attend Hampshire College in Western...   Read More