The Bridge is a dynamic and inclusive organization serving artists and thinkers who want to share culture, challenge one another, and engage in the progressive expression of diverse ideas. We provide the resources and programs to engage the breadth of contemporary creative culture. As a hub for Charlottesville creators and doers, we are both FOR and BY Charlottesville. If you’ve got an idea, let’s talk. Generally, our projects are categorize by one or more of the following actions:

Facilitating Connection: Our space, resources, deliberate flexibility, and accessibility enable artists and thinkers to connect with one another while identifying and nurturing worthwhile pursuits. The result: a chain reaction of inspired creative energy.

Practicing Engagement: Through specific and targeted outreach, we equip and support artists to engage people through placemaking, and connection initiatives. We recognize that engagement is a two-way street. This means everyone is a teacher and everyone is a student. We are also committed to an open exchange of ideas with other organizations and individuals aiming to do good things in their communities.

Designing Great Experiences: We are committed to providing progressive and diverse artistic and cultural experiences. Year-round, The Bridge relies on a teeming network of enthusiastic staff, volunteers, and artists to develop and hosts inspired activities that brighten and broaden our city’s cultural identity. We support the work of artists by asserting and supporting the power that creativity has to shape the culture of our town.


Mural Camp


Open Mic

Easily one of the most diverse events in Charlottesville, Patricia (Patsy) Asuncion hosts a revolving lineup of seasoned performers and up-and-coming artists. Patsy, who...   Read More


Deep Listening

Paige Naylor leads the Deep Listening project at The Bridge. She is a local musician and teacher, in the band Sweet Tooth, and performs solo...   Read More


StoryStream: A Storylistening Experiment

StoryStream is an experiment in story-listening. A partnership with the University of Virginia, this project has students collecting and sharing the perspectives of diverse members of our...   Read More


Bent Theatre Improv

                                        Monthly, The Bridge hosts...   Read More