CBS 19: New mural spotlights local activists


CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) — A mural, featuring 120 civil rights activists, was unveiled near the Downtown Mall on Sunday.

The mural is located on the wall of the Violet Crown Movie Theater on Second Street.

The “This Is What Community Looks Like!” art exhibit shows how activists see the symbol of unity in Charlottesville.

Organizer of Inside Out Charlottesville, Lisa Draine said the mural is an inspiration to fight back against hate and injustice.

“If they feel like they want to do something in their own lives to fight against the forces of white supremacy and hatred, they can get involved,” said Draine.

Activist Leslie Scott-Jones said she feels humbled to be one of the 120 activists on the wall.

“I kind of have impostor syndrome because there are so many people on the wall that have done so much more than me, but I feel honored to be a part of it,” said Scott-Jones.

She believes the city is more united now than it was before the summer of 2017, but she feels residents need to do more to stay unified.

“It’s all fun and good if what we are doing here makes other people look at us in a different light,” said Scott-Jones. “The most important thing to me is that the people here in this city get to the point where they really understand what their neighbor goes through on a daily basis, realizes that it’s wrong and takes a step to make it better.”

Draine and Scott-Jones hope their voices can wash away the negativity that has surrounded the city over the last two years.

She also hopes people will be inspired to make changes.

“They’ll have a little bit of hope that folks in our community have decided to stand up and make their voices heard and everyone can do it,” said Draine.