Collaborative Residency


The 2019 Public Artist Collaborative Residency program will provide an opportunity for 3 local artists from the city of Charlottesville working with varied mediums to utilize our gallery as a pop-up studio space for the months of July and August, with a group exhibition in September. Artists will develop their practice in cooperation with each other over the course of 3 months. This pioneering program emphasizes a strong collaborative element by placing artists in close proximity and supporting them in the development of a shared vision for outreach activity and a gallery exhibition. It will cater to artists seeking a meaningful opportunity to expand their social practice. The Collaborative Residency will further the development of the arts in Charlottesville by providing financial support, organizational support, publicity, and space to selected artists. It will accomplish all this while inspiring our community and putting a spotlight on creative collaboration. ARTISTS SHOULD APPLY INDIVIDUALLY. Applications for groups or teams of artists will not be accepted.

P R O J E C T   A C T I V I T I E S

In keeping with our mission to bridge diverse communities through the arts, the Collaborative Residency program provides a unique opportunity for 3 selected artists to explore their practice in a fresh communal environment, in proximity to other artists, with the expressed purpose of pursuing diversity in collaboration.


    1. Spotlight 3 talented artists in Charlottesville.
    1. Provide physical space (a scarce resource) for uninhibited creative development.
    1. Financially support qualified artists to do good work.
    1. Facilitate and showcase a meaningful collaboration among artists in diverse mediums.
  1. Inspire cooperation and social engagement among Charlottesville artists. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS AND HOW TO APPLY