Collaborative Residency 2017


A B O U T   T H I S   P R O G R A M

The 2017 Public Artist Collaborative Residency program was developed to provide the opportunity for 3 local artists from the Charlottesville area working with varied mediums to utilize our gallery as a pop-up studio space for the months of July, August, and September. The artists developed their practice in cooperation with each other over the course of 3 months, in the public eye. This pioneering program emphasizes a strong collaborative element by placing the artists in close proximity and supporting them in the development of a shared vision for outreach activities and a gallery exhibition. The program furthers the development of the arts in Charlottesville by providing financial support, organizational support, publicity, and space to these artists. It accomplishes all this while feeding the intrigue and interest of the community, putting a spotlight on creative collaboration, and maintaining our mission to bridge diverse communities through the arts.




M E E T   T H E   A R T I S T S

We are pleased to announce the artists who will be participating in the 2017 Public Artist Collaborative Residency program this summer.  Working with us are Will Mullany, Amanda Wagstaff, and Chicho Lorenzo.

Will Mullany is a 23 year old artist floating somewhere in the grey area between music, sound art and new media. He is primarily involved in both constructing new instruments and forging new relationships with existing instruments, but is also interested in chance processes, inter-media composition and exploring norms in performance. He prefers to work with whatever materials are readily accessible and cheap — thrift store electronics, craigslist music equipment and run of the mill junk — but also computers. Visit Will’s Website.





Amanda Wagstaff grew up on a farm in Red Oak, Virginia, but Charlottesville is now ‘home.’ She received a BA in Art and Art History from the College of William and Mary and an MFA in Drawing from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. In 2015, she received a Fulbright Fellowship to work at the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin, Ireland. Her Fulbright project, called “Pilgrims Travel Differently,” was an interdisciplinary research project exploring ‘line’ in the forms of writing, drawing, sewing, and walking. Since returning to Charlottesville, she has begun a new body of work titled “All Flesh Is Grass” using clothing, found natural materials, and sewing to explore labor, domesticity, and the body. Visit Amanda’s Website.


Chicho Lorenzo has been sharing colors all around Charlottesville for years. Either painting his own art on canvases and murals, coordinating students for art projects in many schools, painting on stage for local musicians, or transforming the local park, he is always looking to connect through creativity.

“With this collaborative project at The Bridge, I want to explore new territories that can only be reached by changing routines, opening new doors, and trying what now doesn’t have to make sense.” Visit Chicho’s Website.



“Domestic Alchemy”

During the months of July, August, and September, painter Chicho Lorenzo, sound artist Will Mullany, and fiber artist Amanda Wagstaff inhabited The Bridge PAI as collaborative artists-in-residence, transforming the gallery into a laboratory for exploring their disparate mediums and processes. Now, the artists welcome the public to play, explore, and experiment alongside them. “Domestic Alchemy” is an interactive art installation that encourages audience members to question the distinction between domestic and exhibition space, reexamine the rules of the “gallery space,” and find creative potential in familiar household objects.

Collaborative Resident’s Exhibition Reception

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