Curtis Grimstead: P.O. Box America

The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative is pleased to welcome Curtis Grimstead’s exhibit P.O. Box America to the 209 Monticello Gallery. Exhibition will run 12/7 through 12/23 with an opening reception 5:30-9:30 on 12/7.

P.O. Box America is a photo series capturing the charm of America’s rural post offices as well as the grand architecture of post offices in major U.S. cities.

About the exhibit, Alan Goffinski, Director of The Bridge explains, “This timely exhibition intimately showcases the humble wonder of the United States Postal Service, one of our country’s longest running and most successful programs. It’s fitting that we get to honor the USPS by showcasing this exhibit during the holiday season as we rely on the institution so heavily during this time of year”

Grimstead began his series “P.O. Box America” in 2014 during his commutes from Charlottesville to Richmond VA.  While exploring rural sections of Albemarle County with his wife, he was drawn to small road side post offices in the area.  Once he posted the first photo, a post office in Greenwood VA, to his social media account he decided to start documenting all of the post offices on the back roads of his commute.  This led to taking pictures of post offices on family trips & exploring new areas along the East Coast simply to find more post offices. Over the last 4 years he has gone from Maine to Florida documenting over 100 of these American treasures.  

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Curtis Grimstead lives in Richmond, VA. His former positions running Rorschach Records & PAAL sent him to the post office on a weekly basis.  Frequenting the post office & learning the ins and outs of the mailing system sparked his initial interest in documenting US Postal Offices.