Dave Moore | Faded Empire: Scenes from the Coronation

Faded Empire: Scenes from the Coronation,

Exhibition of paintings by Dave Moore opens Friday June 5, 7:00pm. Runs through June. Digital gallery below.

The Bridge’s Belmont gallery hosts Faded Empire: Scenes from the Coronation, an exhibit of large paintings and miniatures by Dave Moore. While social distancing measures are in place, The Bridge’s gallery at 209 Monticello Road will not be opening to the public. Instead, the exhibit can be viewed through the large gallery windows at any time through the month. In lieu of an in-person opening reception, a live digital reception can be attended on Friday, June 5th at 7:00pm via Facebook Live:

Words from the artist: “The paintings in this show are part of a larger group of works that were intended to be exhibited in Richmond, Va. this summer before things got weird. The fact that they all relate to old, faded, extinct and mythical civilizations may seem ironic now, or it may seem inevitable.  If history is an ongoing series of current events perceived through the lens of artifacts, then I submit these artifacts through the lens of the Bridge windows as a statement about our time in history, which has been extremely tenuous and troubled even before this current state of affairs.  It has been said that “past is prologue”…that is true every minute of every day.  This is a time to assess what “normal” meant in our “civilization” and what we want it to mean moving forward.  The miniature work represents an offering of how to stay in the present…reduce the scale and witness an infinity of supply and possibility.  Design and build yourself the dwelling of your dreams.  Make a museum.  Build a personal ark.  Then, when we return to building our culture, if we are allowed the chance to do so, let us order our society with the same thoughtfulness and positive intention, and a clear vision of what is truly vital.”

Dave Moore is a Virginia-born artist and painter, art-schooled in Richmond at VCU.  He has been making art and paintings nonstop for more than 30 years.

Artist Talk and Q&A

Faded Empire – Digital Gallery

Prices are available upon request.

Popol Vuh. 2019-20. acrylic and enamel on canvas mounted to panel. 46 x 101″.
flotation device (ocean navigation by night). 2019-20. acrylic and enamel on canvas mounted to panel. 37.5 x 37.5″.
Atlantis. 2019-20. acrylic and enamel on canvas mounted to panel. 46 x 96″.
dragon of uncertain size. 2019-20. acrylic and enamel on canvas mounted to panel. 47 x 89″.
black chandelier. 2019. acrylic and enamel on canvas mounted to panel. 41 x 109″.


All miniatures and ephemera by Dave Moore except: Artifact – Matt Flowers; Pigeon – Greg Kelly; Beerbox Haiku – Raven Mack; Parlour of Horrors – Matt Gatto; The Hallowzeen – Lulu Miller and Maria Adelman; Crying Portrait – Jeremy Taylor & Allyson Melberg-Taylor.