Destinee Wright: Solidarity Cards Project

Saturday January 20, 5:30 PM Exhibition Opening at The Bridge, 209 Monticello Rd.

Friday January 19 6:00 PM  at the Jefferson School: presentation at “Healing Through Art and Community” conversation with Candy Chang (partnership with UVA Office of Sustainability).


Destinee Wright began the Solidarity Cards Project after the 2016 election results. The Idea for this engagement practice emerged as Wright noticed a trend during a number of community events. Attendees at these gatherings seemed to benefit greatly from the opportunity to discuss things on their minds. Wright wanted to find a way to provide that cathartic release while creatively capturing their feelings and concerns. The Solidarity Cards Project has evolved into an anonymous platform for participants to openly voice their thoughts about not only our current political climate, but all sorts of social justice and global issues. The project continues to garner strong response. It was featured on local news outlets and continues to garner response. The Solidarity Cards Project has collected responses from a number of groups including The Women’s March, University of Virginia students, and from affected community members after August 12th in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Destinee Wright is a University of Virginia alumna with her Bachelor’s in Women, Gender and Sexuality. She is a successful small business owner, regional artist and social justice advocate.


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