Expression: New Works by Angelina Smith

The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative is pleased to present “Expression,” a collection of new works in ink, charcoal and watercolor by Angelina Smith. The Exhibit opens 5:30 pm June 4, 2021 in the windows of our community gallery at 209 Monticello Rd. Smith, a long time resident of Buckingham, VA is currently studying at PVCC. She embraces the technical challenge that her creative process provides and the challenge of art as a means for communicating thoughts and feelings. For Angelina Smith, her art is a means of extending her reality to others.

This is the second exhibition in our Transfer Curation Series where each exhibiting artist nominates the next to showcase their work in our community art gallery. This experiment in chain-curation aims to deliberately diminish the role of curators and administrators as cultural gatekeepers in the world of contemporary art while introducing audiences to exciting new artists and perspectives.