Federico Cuatlacuatl: Desencabronamiento

Federico Cuatlacuatl: Desencabronamiento

Tom Tom Festival Artist In Residence at The Bridge

  • Kite Workshops, Exhibition, Talk,  and Mural Painting through the week of 4/8.
  • Federico Cuatlacuatl: Desencabronamiento | Exhibition opening Friday April 14, 7:00-10:00. Runs through April.


The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative, is pleased to present the Tom Tom Festival Artist in Residence at The Bridge, Federico Cuatlacuatl and his exhibit titled Desencabronamiento.

Federico Cuatlacuatl’s recent work explores tradition and culture as political weapons. Using sculptural kites and digital video projection, Cuatlacuatl aims to activate a space where unlike communities can find a meeting point to coexist in dialogue and culture. This exhibit will express a perspective that empathizes and connects with local Latinx immigrants to amplify collective voices, highlight relevant local urgencies, produce diversifying advances, and pose art as a powerful lens for cross-cultural endeavors.  

Cuatlacuatl will showcase his exploration and experimentation of various kite models, materials, and sizes alongside experimentations with 3D tracking the motion of kites during flying sessions and using this data to simulate 3D animations.  Another emphasis of this project will be community engagement through kite-making workshops and flying sessions.

Additionally, Federico will begin painting a mural piece titled Senyelistli at 1801 Broadway Street (Sun Tribe Solar building) during his residency. He intends to provide an opportunity for teenagers to work as assistants on painting the mural. The design involves ecosystems and symbiosis with nature and culture.  There was an emphasis in highlighting a visual language that encapsulated technology and nature co-existing. It is a theme that carries on through natural and artificial, biological and technological, digital and organic. This mural design also pays tribute to and celebrates the native Americans of what is now Virginia.  The design pays homage to their knowledge and embrace of nature as a mother by adopting a symbiotic lifestyle in their communities.



  • Thurs. 4/11. 2:45-3:30 Kite Making Workshop at Common House. 206 West Market St, Charlottesville, VA 22902.
  • Fri. 4/12. 8:30- 10:00 CreativeMornings talk at The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative gallery, 209 Monticello Road.
  • Sat. 4/13. 1:30-3:00 Kite Making with Federico Cuatlacuatl at Market Street Park.
  • Sun. 4/14. 7:00-10:00 Exhibition Opening | Federico Cuatlacuatl presents: Desencabronamiento at The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative gallery, 209 Monticello Road.
  • Week of 4/8 Begin painting mural at 1801 Broadway Street (Sun Tribe Solar).

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(Mural design rendering entitled Senyelistli)