Gallery of Curiosities 2018

Gallery Of Curiosities

This community-curated Wunderkammer showcases, the unique, bizarre, fanciful, sacred, ill-defined, celebrated, historical, alternative, supernatural, and otherwise curious collections and creations of Central Virginia. The perfect exhibit for October, this exhibition is a deep-dive into the most peculiar parts our community’s collective wonder. We’ve overturned every rock, and we’ve peered into every dark basement to uncover an astonishing collection of curiosities that is guaranteed to inspire a sense of intrigue, surprise, and admiration for our community.

What to Expect

  • All things created or collected intentionally or accidentally.
  • All things natural, unnatural, supernatural, othernatural, subnatural, and exo-natural.
  • All things undefined, under-defined, and ill-defined.
  • All things from other times and/or other realities.
  • All things that challenge and critique the history of the early American museum, Racist Science, the pillaging of cultural objects, and a singular understanding of oddity/normality.

Contributors: Lyall Harris, Kristie E. Wood, Lighthouse Larry, Danielle Heckman, Matt Eich, Kaleb Gay, Don Fry, Candice Agnello, Joel Jacobus, Matthew Gatto, Lisa Murch, Karen Siegrist, Leslie Scott-Jones, Renee Reighart, Dave Gibson, Andrew Thomas, Cortney Skinner of the Boston Museum of Natural History, Chris Smith, Cynthia Burke, Earl Vallery, Elizabeth Weir, Ellie Giles, Hattie Eshleman, Ian Coyle, Jennifer Alamanza, Jum Jirapan, Kaleb Gay, Lauren Guerra, Sophie Gibson, Terri Long, Tobiah Mundt, Will Mullany, Alan Goffinski, Karina Monroy, Federico Cuatlacuatl, Emma Terry, Elyse Smith, Mease HM, Jordan Taylor, Bolanle Adeboye, Zach Worrell, Keith Lee, George Gill, Ashley Florence, Lance Barrera, Allyson Mellberg Taylor, Jeremy Taylor, Dave Gibson, more!

*The exhibition ran through the month of October and included a great calendar full of curious events. Photos by Kyle Petrozza.

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5th Friday – Gallery of Curiosities Exhibition Opening

6th Saturday – Telemetry: Experimental Music Series

7th Sunday – Music: Sunwatchers (NYC), Sun Tiger, Cache Bonus

10th Wednesday – Reading: Psychosis of Collecting: Lulu Miller & Lina Ferreira Cabeza-Vanegas

16th Tuesday – Film: Transmissions from Haunted Britain

17th Wednesday – All Ages Show & Tell

19th Friday – Halloween Party 

20th Saturday – Big Blue Door

21st Sunday – Music: New Boss, Bad Moves (DC), Nana Grizol, Wild Rose 

24th Wednesday – Open Mic at Cabinet of Curiosities

26th Friday – Bent Theatre Improv

27th Saturday – Deep Listening in the Gallery of Curiosities

28th Sunday – Outdoor Screening of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari ft. Matt Marshall Life Score

31st Wednesday – Trick or Treat at Cabinet of Curiosities.