Gallery of Curiosities

Closing 10/28. Visible in the windows of our gallery, 209 Monticello Rd.

In October, The Gallery of Curiosities returned once again to The Bridge to showcase a collection of bizarre, fanciful, nonsensical, ill-defined and creative objects collected and curated by some of the region’s most intriguing artists and collectors. Part art and part oddity, this exhibition is a deep-dive into the peculiar parts of our community’s collective creative mind. The Gallery of Curiosities is an intimate look at the delightful weirdness lurking among us.

What is included?
-All things created or collected intentionally or accidentally.
-All things natural, unnatural, supernatural, othernatural, subnatural, and exo-natural.
-All things undefined, under-defined, and ill-defined.
-All things from other times and/or other realities.
-All things that challenge and critique the history of the early American museum, Racist Science, the pillaging of cultural objects, and a singular understanding of oddity/normality.

October 2020 Contributors include: Jill Kerttula, Jum Jirapan, Margaret Kim, Courtney Fishback, Andy Goodstein, Tracy Wilkerson, Rochelle Sumner, Alan Box Levine, Thomas Vinson, Polly Beckington, David N Orloff, Kathi Lublin, Courtney Fishback, Jennifer Almanza, Earl Vallery, Ada Garvis, Matthew Gatto, Erika Howsare, Craig DuBose, Tobiah Mundt, Joel Jacobus, Andrew Sherogan, Diana Hale, Terri Long, Ellie Giles, Freedom Duff, Emma Terry, Alan Goffinski, Jordan Taylor, Jeremy Stern, Kori Price, Erin O’hare Eze Amos