Gallery of Curiosities


This October, The Gallery of Curiosities returns once again to The Bridge to showcase a collection of bizarre, fanciful, nonsensical, ill-defined and creative objects and collected and curated by some of the region’s most intriguing artists and collectors. Part art and part oddity, this exhibition is a deep-dive into the peculiar parts our community’s collective creative mind. The Gallery of Curiosities is an intimate look at the delightful weirdness lurking among us. The exhibition will be on display through the month of October in the windows of our gallery at 209 Monticello Rd.

Call For Contributors
The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative is seeking artists and collectors to participate in the curation of the Gallery of Curiosities, on display this October in the gallery. Open to all community members, the exhibit will focus on the uncanny, the unknown, the unreal, the creative, and the strange. Objects and collections will likely be the things you have in your own basement, closet, bedroom, or altar. They are likely to be your own beloved collections, ephemera, totems, and treasures that are begging to be seen by others. But, concepts and collections created specifically for the Gallery of Curiosities are also invited. Showcase your antique time-travel device, your collection of baby owl teeth, your core samples of cigarette butts from regional mason lodges, and all things peculiar and fantastic.

What will be included?
-All things created or collected intentionally or accidentally are welcome.
-All things natural, unnatural, supernatural, othernatural, subnatural, and exo-natural are welcome.
-All things undefined, under-defined, and ill-defined are welcome.
-All things from other times and/or other realities are welcome.
-All things that challenge and critique the history of the early American museum, Racist Science, the pillaging of cultural objects, and a singular understanding of oddity/normality are welcome.

Additional Inspiration:

The Following exhibits, museums and collections can be referenced for ideas and inspiration while gathering, contextualizing, categorizing, and presenting your collections and items.

Museum of Jurassic Technology: The museum contains an unusual collection of exhibits and objects with varying and uncertain degrees of authenticity. The New York Times critic Edward Rothstein described it as a “museum about museums”, “where the persistent question is: what kind of place is this?” Smithsonian magazine called it “a witty, self-conscious homage to private museums of yore . . . when natural history was only barely charted by science, and museums were closer to Renaissance cabinets of curiosity.”

Parlor of Horrors: The Parlor of Horrors is local artist and collector Matthew Gatto’s tribute to the golden age of Hollywood horror films and other cinema monster classics. This exhibit is a carefully curated collection of hand-crafted monster masks, life-size terrors, vintage movie posters & other ephemera.

Museum of Psychphonics: A modern-day wunderkammer dedicated to Indianapolis history, Afrofuturism and musical vibrations.

Wunderkammer Olbricht: The selection and quality of the objects in the Wunderkammer Olbricht is unique in the world. Comprising over 300 objects from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, it is one of the most important private collections of its kind.