Golara Haghtalab: “Who Is Your RGB Self?” Exhibition

An inventive exhibition, Golara Haghtalab’s “Who Is Your RGB Self” features a miniature landscape by use of paintings, poems, sculpture, and interactive installations to create a fresh perspective on visual self-recognition. The project explores how we use vision to perceive ourselves through the fundamental colors of Red, Green and Blue. Breaking down boundaries, layers, and defenses, Haghtalab aims to see everyone as three primary colors that creates a flatness that magnifies our unity as human beings. In sum, the project takes a short tour into the realms within us, a journey from the inside out. Golara plans backward while thinking forward to bring her audience’s attention to their core. The exhibit will run for the month of April.

You can find Golara online @g_o_l_a_r_a and

Golara Haghtalab is the Tom Tom Founders Festival Artist in Residence at The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative. Her exhibition will open 4/6 and run through the month.

Photo: Kyle Petrozza
Video: Tom Haynes
Sound Track: Luke Dahl
Augmented reality: Gloria Felicia & Ahjeong Yeom (Creative Lab)
Design Assistants: Cody & Dallas Simms
CD Donations: Plan 9 Records, Candice Agnello and Sarah E Robinson
Power Tools and building advise: Matthew Muckle & Roger
Advisors: Dana Ollestad , Shalaim Virkar, and Prof. Walter Jost