In the Gallery, June 13-July 24: Tactics of Collaboration

Tactics of Collaboration: A Participatory Playbook is an exhibit, classroom, and workshop space that seeks to showcase and share the collaborative tactics that contemporary socially engaged photographers are employing in their efforts to address systemic human rights issues. The project works artists, activists, teachers, organizers, students of all ages, and many others to create an open source ‘playbook’ of collaborative strategies that functions as: 

  1. A participatory and evolving publication / exhibition of contemporary creative practice;

  2. A tool for future artists, journalists, and activists to source and inform, inspire, and challenge their own work, and;

  3. A vehicle for bringing together artists, educators, activists, students, journalists, and others to discuss the power, limitations, and collective possibilities of photography to engage these issues.

Throughout the spring of 2015, as part of the Magnum Foundation’s Photography, Expanded initiative, Tactics of Collaboration hosted brainstormingworking groups. At each event, a diverse array of photographers presented a project, and worked with groups of fellow practitioners, funders, activists, students and educators to map their projects and make their collaborative and socially engaged processes visible.  These case studies can not only help tell the story of each project’s collaborative process, but becomes a stage for connecting a diverse array of perspectives. As the workshops continue throughout the year, and more case studies are created, we are producing a traveling exhibition and an open source playbook for teachers, curators, practitioners, and others to utilize and build upon.

This June and July, we are excited to have The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative host the first exhibition of the project. The exhibition will feature participant reflections, workshop ephemera, and highlight projects that visualize a spectrum of collaborative tactics. The exhibit will include a case study of each artist featuring images, ephemera, reflections, collaborative tactics artists were employing, the questions artists were asking themselves, and other forms of documentation from the design, production, and exhibition/distribution phases of their projects.

Beyond showcasing the project, the exhibit of Tactics of Collaboration will become a classroom to inspire, challenge, and inform the community based photography projects by local teens in Charlottesville.

The project has only been made possible by the generous support, guidance, and inspiration of the Magnum Foundation. This exhibit has been made possible by the PhotoWings Foundation.