Inpatient Psychiatry Interactive Murals

17 new chalkboard murals for inpatient psychiatry patients.

We believe that art is uplifting. stimulating. inspiring.
Art helps us center ourselves. understand our world. communicate with others.

We’re thrilled to announce our exciting new effort to transform the patient spaces of UVA Health Inpatient Psychiatry into creative & therapeutic environments. Over the course of July, renown local artist Bolanle Adeboye is painting interactive chalkboard murals that invite patients to creatively engage on their journeys to health and wellness.

Why Now?

New national guidelines for patient safety recommend the removal of framed artwork from facilities where patients may be prone to use objects to harm themselves or others. This unfortunately means all artwork has recently been removed from the hallways and rooms of UVA Health Inpatient Psychiatry. With the help of dedicated and thoughtful staff, we’re turning this into an opportunity to improve the patient experience. We look forward to the therapeutic opportunities these murals will provide.
“Art is the one place in this culture where it is celebrated for your mind to work differently. Having a permanent platform for patients to participate expressively in their own healing environment is empowering and opens the door for further therapeutic investigations and research. Bolanle’s art presents itself as an invitation for this.”

-George Andrews, UVA Art Professor & Inpatient Psychiatry staff leading recovery model art sessions.

How it works.

By using specially formulated chalkboard paint, Bolanle Adeboye paints colorful and immersive landscapes that anyone can mark with chalk. This allows patients to creatively personalize their space and to process their experience. Families & guests can leave encouraging notes and doodles and hospital staff can scribble welcoming phrases or reminders.

Bolanle embellishes the designs with some speckles and permanent chalk-like doodles to break up the plane and invite engagement. If a patient wants to start over with a blank mural, the chalk eraser is always handy!
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