Inpatient Psychiatry Neighborhood Murals

Thanks to generous support from the UVA Hospital Auxiliary Committee, The Charlottesville Mural Project (a program of The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative) is commissioning a series of neighborhood-themed murals on the walls of the UVA Health Inpatient Psychiatric facility. A stipend of $1,330 will be paid to each selected artist to cover all expenses, design and labor. Murals will range in size from 5×8 ft to 5×12 ft.

1) Create a lively environment for patients and staff.
2) Help patients feel connected to Charlottesville while in treatment.
3) Support a dialogue between people suffering from mental illness and the community.

Applicants should be able to create informed and insightful depictions of a specific Charlottesville neighborhood. To do so, applicants and should either live (or have lived) in one of Charlottesville’s neighborhoods or be able to demonstrate another strong connection. Applicants must answer a few brief questions and submit 3 work samples. Artists will be selected based on artistic merit and connection to the community they wish to depict. Mural experience is not necessary but applicants should feel comfortable with the challenge of working at a large scale. The Charlottesville Mural Project will offer technical assistance as needed to assist in the creation of great artworks.

Please submit by June 6th. EXTENDED This project is ongoing and will be completed over the course of a year. Due to logistics, chosen applicants may not be notified immediately. Thank you for your patience.