Introducing Our Fall 2014 Public Artist: Benjamin Thorp

Benjamin Thorp is a Richmond based artist whose work creates unique, lasting, sensory experiences focused out into the urban landscape. He works primarily with sound but also experiments with a range of technology empowering local voices and heightening our sensory awareness of ourselves in our surroundings. Benjamin’s art challenges its viewers as it pushes the boundaries of what art can be, and its purpose in society.

During his time at The Bridge PAI, Benjamin is developing a project entitled “Transitory Encounters.” The project aims to catalyze community conversation through a series of public activities and workshops that will focus on the creation of sound works. The works will include interviews, musical elements, excerpts from popular culture and field recordings. When the sounds are intertwined they’ll result in audible representations of Charlottesville. This will ultimately culminate in a series of sonic, interactive art installations that can be experienced everywhere from bus stops and news boxes to cinemas throughout the city.

By employing sounds, Benjamin emphasizes the literal voices of the individuals and neighborhoods that participate in the creation of the work. The installations will pose social questions, creating a platform for the voices of local people and neighborhoods to be recognized, but may not have been heard. He sees these questions and how they endure as one the most fundamental, and necessary purposes of art.

The Bridge PAI is delighted to have Benjamin join us at our Fall 2014 Public Artists, and we look forward to seeing the impact “Transitory Encounters” will leave on us and the community.