Invisible Cville BDA Prize: Call for Submissions

The Bridge is proud to partner with Bushman Dreyfus Architects in presenting this year’s BDA Prize.

• 8 prizes of $1000 each
• Public outdoor exhibition of winning entries
• Entries due February 11

The BDA Prize is an annual design and ideas competition established to generate forward-looking ideas that better our community through design and dialogue. The 2019 theme, INVISIBLE C’VILLE, calls for imaginative and provocative works on paper that distill an invisible quality, system, or story that defines Charlottesville.

What is your take on the ethos of our town?
What would your personal x-ray of our town reveal?
What stories are untold?
What narratives are unresolved?
What is holding us back?
What is great and will propel us into the future?
Is this a city proud of its “History” or one that would rather not talk about its multiple, contested histories?
Whose voices are broadcast, discussed, and allowed to make a difference?

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