Joy Meyer



Photograph by elin o’Hara slavick

Joy Meyer is a full-time visual artist. She recently graduated of University of Virginia, graduating with distinction and Phi Beta Kappa. She also has a BA in Art History, with a concentration on the NY School and Ancient Greece.

Joy is primarily an abstract painter but sometimes plays with the lines between abstract and figural.  She makes works on paper, watercolors, zines, drawings, as well as very large oil and acrylic paintings. She considers her work to be predominantly motivated by the exploration of color and shape. The subjects and objects of her work aim to explore questions about being, the self, and human relationships. She often tries to accomplish this with a bit of a punchline. // 


My proposal for The Bridge PAI CSA seeks to explore the domestic self as it extends into the community. I am proposing an edition of 30 works on paper.

These individual pieces will be made out of the same sheet of handmade paper and share a ground of finely painted webbing and loops. The discrete works will be painted with egg tempera paint and watercolor to result in 30 unique paintings of the human heart. I will finish each piece with some embroidery. The embroidery will reference history of domestic craft making but also its current use as a contemporary art material. The embroidery also acts to remind of the threads of our communities that hold us together. The unique paintings will be individuals that could be rejoined with the other pieces to make a larger whole. The individual pieces will be presented in newly purchased mason jars. This mason jar will act as the work’s frame.