Jum Jirapan – Coexist: A Prayer Flag Project

Jum Jirapan brings Coexist: A Prayer Flag Project to The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative, opening the evening of Friday January 12th, 2018 and running through the week. This creative participatory experience invites you to offer your own prayer for peace to the world.

Inspired by Suminagashi, the ancient Japanese paper marbling technique, and the Tibetan pray flag; two Eastern tradition merge. You are invited to paint your own prayer flag using the Suminagashi technique where acrylic paints are floated on water and then transferred onto cotton fabric.

“Water represents both the universe and humanity; the four colors used represent not only emotion but also four basic elements that make up 96% of human body. White for hydrogen, black for carbon, red for oxygen, and blue for nitrogen. We all are a part of this life giving formula. Are not we the same with just different skin colors?”

The prayer flag is a Tibetan tradition for promoting peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom. Traditional Tibetan prayer flag contains prayers and mantras which will be blown by the wind to spread the good will and compassion into all-pervading space.

Join Jum Jirapan in this participatory and therapeutic experience. Express your own love, compassion and hope for kindness in the world. Feeling a little lost? Empty your mind, pick up the brush, pick out the colors, and let your emotions flow onto the water surface. Let go of what clouds your mind and create an inner peace to welcome the beauty of all that is. Experience the healing power of art and the power of oneness with others.

Everyone’s paintings or flags will be hung as part of the collection at the Bridge PAI through the week. You may take your flag home once it dries. A donation in support of the artist, the International Rescue Committee, and The Bridge is appreciated. If you choose to leave yours, it may be chosen and sold to fundraise in the next exhibition. Flags that are not chosen or sold would be returned to the rightful owners by the end of April 2018.


Jum Jirapan is a Thai-American artist, making Charlottesville her home since May 2016. Born, raised and educated in Thailand with M.A. in TESOL from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. Love and life fascinate her; she always strives to understand and find a way to live fully. Thus, they brought her to painting after conforming to the social norm failed her miserably. She paints her way out of misery and now devoting herself to help others through art and education.

Jum is a founding and a leadership team member of GenR Charlottesville Chapter, a young professional humanitarian program under the International Rescue Committee. She donates large portion of her art sales in support of the IRC works in Charlottesville area in helping refugees from harm to home, rebuilding their lives in their new homeland.  She dreams of, one day, running her own charitable project promoting art as a therapy and providing ESL vocational training for refugees and immigrants.


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