What Kind of Shareholder Are You?

The Renowned Gift Giver

Do you have a friend who has everything? For Christmas, does your mom request your undying love in lieu of gifts? Do you resort to gift cards at the last minute? You are The Renowned Gift Giver. Buy a share and get six truly special, unique and unexpected gifts for your family and friends.

The Visionary Collector

Do you pride yourself on finding the next up-and-coming artists? You are The Visionary Collector. Buy a share and introduce six emerging artists to your collection in record time. At roughly $70 per piece, your financial advisors will be astounded at your investment savvy. 

The Company That Thinks Creatively

Do your clients expect the fruit basket or shipped-from-who-knows-where brownie bites? Do you want to stand out amongst your competitors for carefully considering your clients when selecting year-end gifts? You are The Company That Thinks Creatively. Buy a share and give six of your favorite clients limited-edition art and show that your company values creativity and community.

The Super Local Hero

Do you buy local-and-only-local at every chance? You, my friend, are The Super Local Hero. All of your friends know that your jet pack doesn’t fly anywhere near a big box. Here is your final frontier – Local Art. Buy a share and enjoy the truly local, carefully selected, small-batch, hand-crafted works of art.