Leslie M. Scott-Jones: Connection

Leslie M. Scott-Jones is a African-American southern woman from Virginia, encompassing all that entails. She studied theater education at VCU. Leslie has been writing, acting and directing since her teens. She is a proud mother of two amazing children. The world premiere of her first play Desire Moments was part of the 2014 Capital Fringe Festival. She has gone on to write several plays, novellas, and short stories. Book Ends, her first full length novel, hit the shelves Valentine’s Day Weekend 2016. Leslie has been active in Charlottesville community theater for over ten years. She is the Artistic Director of the Charlottesville Player’s Guild and most recently starring in Hambone and directing Jitney by August Wilson at the Jefferson School African-American Heritage Center, which the Guild calls home. Leslie played Louise in Seven Guitars by August Wilson which ran in November 2017 with UVa.’s Drama Department. Leslie is the co-founder of EugeneMartin LLC, an artist development firm in Charlottesville, Va. She is mother to two children and Mimi to two grandsons.

Most people know me as an actor, or director. Unless you have asked for my views on spirit, I don’t normally share them. But spirit is all around us, within us. It is that nagging voice that warns us not do something, or go somewhere. It is those moments when we hear our mothers or grandmothers, a memory of something they said to us many times. It can be funny, poignant, or fore warning, but it is something we deal with regularly.

My connection with spirit has been growing and changing over the past three years. Due to that I have come to the realization that it is important to help others connect to spirit in their own way. The easiest way is through meditation…listening. However, some people may not trust that voice in the beginning, so they require something tangible to help them interpret what messages they receive. Tarot is the path most people choose due to its availability to great numbers of the population.

So what are the rules? Do you have to be gifted a deck? How do you interpret tarot? What if the deck you identify with is not created like the traditional ryder-waite deck? What do reversals mean? Do you have to follow the set spreads in the tarot books for the cards to work?

All of these, and more are questions we will answer for the beginner reader of tarot, the beginner to connection.

The Bridge seems the perfect space to explore this slightly left of center topic in a space that is welcoming and spends its time and space embracing and helping artists, performers of all types and from all genres find and explore their own voice. Creating a communal space to start inviting spirit to inhabit and visit on a regular basis is important for our community and our personal peace and development. Join us, won’t you!

Bring a tarot deck and an open mind. $15 per session.

CLICK HERE to register for the following Spring 2020 Dates! Classes will be held online for the time being.

April 15 630PM

May 20 630PM

June 17 630PM

15 July 630PM