Sept at the Bridge – The Meaning of a Walk

Take a Walk with Us this Month

For the month of September – the Bridge is organizing an effort to explore the City of Charlottesville.  In this case we are curious about what it means to see the city from a pedestrian point of view.  So, we are inviting everyone to talk a walk.

Start at your front door, descend those few step, and then head off in a direction that seems most fitting.  Bring a camera, a pencil and paper, or your phone with you. Along the way, stop and smell the roses.  Look for something you may have never noticed.  Talk to a neighbor and hear what they have to say.  In general be curious. At the same time, take a few notes (count how many steps you took or the number of potholes you saw), snap a few pics, or even do a little drawing.

After you are done – Stop by The Bridge, email what you found to, or hashtag your photo with #walkthecity #cville.  We will hang it on our wall, developing an archive of your (and others) experience in the city.

Beyond this – We are also organizing a series events in collaboration with Cville Tomorrow, The Daily Progress, and others. Keep an eye open for those events by looking at our calendar and connecting with us via our newsletter or social media.