Muralist to Begin Painting Hydraulic Rd. and Georgetown Rd. Retaining Wall Murals

NBC 29 – Link to video

Charlottesville, VA . . .The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative is pleased to announce the artists have been chosen to paint the Barracks Road retaining wall.

Emily Herr and Eleanor Doughty was selected by a panel of Albemarle High School students, local residents, and arts advocates after reviewing proposals submitted by a wide selection of local and regional artists. The artists submitted their proposal jointly and will be collaborating in the design and execution of the mural that spans both the Georgetown Road and the Hydraulic Road retaining walls.

The mural will be located along the Westgate Apartment community, on the retaining walls bordering the northeast and northwest corners (380-foot long wall facing Hydraulic and 85-foot long wall facing Georgetown). This project is a partnership between The Charlottesville Mural Project, The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative, Albemarle High School, The County of Albemarle, the Virginia Department of Transportation, and local residents.

Funding for this project is possible through Westgate Limited Partnership, a Great Eastern Management Related Entity as well as The National Writing Project and John Legend’s LRNG organization which awarded Albemarle County Schools an Educator Innovator grant for the Let ‘em Shine project studying memorialization in the public realm.

During the 2017-2018 school year students working with AHS teacher Russell Carlock have been studying murals and monuments in the public realm. As a continuation of these educational efforts, The Charlottesville Mural Project (a program of The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative) has worked with students to develop a call for muralists, including a description of appropriate styles and motifs.

Students communicated a desire to see a bright, fun design highlighting the diverse people and geographic beauty of Albemarle and Charlottesville.

Emily and Eleanor met in their freshman year Art Honors class at Virginia Commonwealth University, lived as housemates for several years, and traveled in Europe and South America together, all the while collaborating on numerous artistic endeavors. Herr and Doughty, currently residing in Richmond VA and Seattle WA respectively, will begin work on June 5 and are planning to finish the piece by June 9, weather pending.

Since their selection, Herr and Doughty have been collaborating with AHS students for design input and will welcome volunteer students interested in helping paint.