CBS 19: New Mural Welcomed on Sun Tribe Solar Warehouse

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) — A new mural on the warehouse of Sun Tribe Solar was celebrated Tuesday evening.

The Tom Tom Foundation and the Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative partnered with Sun Tribe Solar to get the mural created.

Mexican indigenous artist from Cholula, Puebla, Mexico, Federico Cuatlacuatl, was the 2019 Artist in Residence. He painted the mural with the help of the Albemarle High School Latinx Club.

Cuatlacuatl said the mural highlights how Native Americans originally occupied the land.

“The whole thing is celebrating indigenous lands and peoples, but at the same time thinking about how we all need to move forward together as humans, technology, and nature,” said Cuatlacuatl.

Rich Allevi, Vice President of construction at Sun Tribe Solar, said he is excited to bring art into the Woolen Mills neighborhood.

“In this neighborhood, I think it’s really cool that we can actually put something like this up on our walls and celebrate the local arts community in a growing neighborhood as well within Charlottesville,” said Allevi.

It took them about two weeks to complete the project.