That ABCD Life

About the Project ABCD=American Born Confused Desi. That’s what they call American kids of Indian Descent. This photo exhibition explores some of the identity...   Read More

Juvenile Correctional Center Quilt Show

ABOUT THE PROJECT This exhibition showed the creativity of teens incarcerated at The Culpeper Juvenile Correctional Center in what is believed to be the...   Read More

In Focus: The Art of Hair

Listen to artist Keith Alan Sprouse and Program Director Serena Gruia discuss The Art of Hair on WVTF and WTJU About the Project The Art...   Read More

No More Violence

About The Project This is an ongoing series of community-led artistic projects that utilize art therapy, art activism, and eco-friendly street art to address...   Read More

Meet & Greet

New work by artist Amanda Finn and artist/art educator Ryan Trott. Collaborative and individual drawings, paintings, photographs, textiles and mixed-media works focusing on shared...   Read More

Youth of Color Matter

This past Thursday The Bridge’s staff attended The 5th Annual Youth-Nex Conference: “Youth of Color Matter Reducing Inequality Through Positive Youth Development”at the University...   Read More

The Art of Hair

Ralph Waldo Emerson – “Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.”    Throughout 2015 The Bridge has focused on finding...   Read More

2016 Public Artist Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell

The Bridge PAI, Charlottesville’s Creative Hub, is pleased to announce local performance and theatre artist Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell as the 2016 Public Artist. Each...   Read More

Program Statement

In 2006, on brief visit to Charlottesville, I was enjoying a subdued, sleepy downtown when I came across a flyer announcing a special performance that was to take...   Read More

About Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell

Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell is a theatre and performance artist, a lady arm wrestler, and a single mother. She has co-created theater, performance art, and...   Read More

In the Gallery, June 13-July 24: Tactics of Collaboration

Tactics of Collaboration: A Participatory Playbook is an exhibit, classroom, and workshop space that seeks to showcase and share the collaborative tactics that contemporary...   Read More

The Bridge at Tom Tom: Creative Collisions

Creative Collisions is co-created by The University of Virginia College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative What...   Read More